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It’s a busy time in the world of cannabis. There are even statistics to back that up.  If you’re lucky enough to live in a legal or medical state that has also declared cannabis essential, then by all means, get out there and shop. Just don’t be a jerk, and don’t break any of these golden rules. Here are five simple ways to support your budtender and still get the green goodies you so desperately want. 

Follow the Rules 

Above all, if there is a rule in place right now, it’s there for the safety of customers and budtenders. Respect the rules, even if they’re a bit of a pain. 

“If you’re purchasing cannabis, follow all social distancing protocols put forth by the dispensary,” explained Emma Chasen, cannabis educator and industry consultant at Eminent Consulting. “ If they prefer you to order online, order online. If they prefer you to engage in curbside pickup, do that. According to a recent survey I conducted of over 70 budtenders working across…


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