7 cannabis products pro MLS player Rodney Wallace can’t live without


Rodney Wallace is a professional soccer player best known for his time with the MLS’ Portland Timbers. A lifelong athlete, Wallace has faced many adversities that plague the pros: uncertainty of career, continuous physical ailments, anxiety, depression, and many other realities that come with being worldwide famous and having every part of your life under society’s microscope. In his search for healing and escape, like many people, Wallace turned to cannabis.

Wallace’s relationship with the plant started in high school and continued throughout the pros. However, it never hindered his work. “As a soccer player my whole life, there always had to be a balance between [cannabis] and the game,” Wallace tells us. Over time, the physical and mental effects of professional sports wore on him, leading to a painkiller addiction. “I had severe arthritis in my hips, and none of the medicines they were giving me really worked anymore. These anti-inflammatories are not really…


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