A Conversation with Atmosphere’s Sean “Slug” Daley


Atmosphere’s Sean “Slug” Daley had just kicked off the Mi Vida Local tour when he made a revelatory observation. As he stood in front of the audience at the Gillioz Theatre in Springfield, MO, the Rhymesayers Entertainment co-founder noticed everyone was staring at him. And they weren’t the usual stares that come along with taking the stage. Everyone was looking at him funny.

Granted, he was completely stoned after digesting an ample amount of edibles and simply could’ve been suffering from a case of paranoia. But suddenly it clicked. He’d grown a mustache for an upcoming video shoot in Colorado.

“It was different than what I’m used to,” Slug explains. “I’m trying to figure out like, ‘Why are these people looking at me like this?’ So I brought it up to the audience. ‘Right now, I’m feeling kind of weird about the way you guys are looking at me.’ And as I’m saying this, it dawns on me, ‘Oh man, I have a mustache now and even I’m not used…


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