A Dive into the Longstanding Love Affair Between Comedians and Cannabis


From Cheech and Chong to George Carlin, comedians have openly experimented with cannabis for eons. As a comedian myself, I find that cannabis shifts my perspective by transforming mundane day-to-day activities into more colorful experiences. For me, it’s easier to see the peculiarities and ridiculousness that life brings after I smoke. If you want to make people laugh, you have to know how to laugh yourself. And with so much chaos and technological stimulation, sometimes it can be hard to see the humor in life. But weed makes it easier. That’s why I took a dive into the lives of comedians to gain a better understanding of the inherent connection between cannabis and comedians, and the role the plant plays within the comedy community.

The Longstanding Love Affair Between Comedians and Cannabis
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Doug Benson

Doug Benson

Who else is more fit than quintessential cannabis comedian, Doug Benson? From his show Getting Doug With High to his documentary Super High Me, Benson’s been a major cannabis advocate and has deeply contributed to the…


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