a guide to declutter your stash


As summer fast progresses, it’s the perfect time to throw open the windows and refresh your space — cannabis space included. A deep clean can have incredible uplifting effects on the mind, so if you’ve been putting off your spring clean organization, today’s the day to finally bite the bullet and break out the cleaning supplies.

In the wake of Marie Kondo‘s rising popularity — and all manner of “sparking joy” throughout your home — your weed inventory shouldn’t be neglected during a deep scrub. Below, check out the ultimate guide to keeping an organized and fresh space for all your cannabis gear. 

Assess your inventory

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Have you been holding onto old pipes and bongs for years? Do you have a couple of pot cookies getting stale in the back of your pantry? 

Go through your entire collection of cannabis goods and lay them all out in front of you. Organize and group pieces by type: pipes, bongs, flower, concentrates, and edibles — this will…


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