A Guide to Legalizing Weed in New York


According to a 2018 NBC News story, more than 77 tons of weed is consumed in New York City per year, making New York City and the Greater New York area among the biggest cannabis markets in the world — this is despite not having legal retail outlets. 

While New Yorkers seem to largely support adult-use legalization and the state government wants in on the potential profits, the effort to legalize stalled out in June 2019 over disagreements on how revenue would be allocated and is currently fixed on social equity. Since, citizens, advocates, lobbyists, and legislators have been trying earnestly to come to an agreement. 

Currently, only 55 thousand New York patients who qualify for the existing medical program can use cannabis, and the qualifications are very restrictive. Many thought New York would see legalization by June 2019, but the ground dropped out when the democratic majority legislature did not pass either of the two legalization bills on the table….


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