A Rare Look At The Practice Of Pagan Pot Farming


For this edition of Flashback Friday, we have a June, 1981 article from Hannah Spencer, who traveled to a pagan pot farm in Arizona and learned how the wisdom of medieval Jews makes pot more potent.

With the ’80s in full swing, and everybody talking apocalypse, some pot farmers have abandoned bourgeois society and have begun to grow their dope in an old, time-tested way. The way of the “old religion,” paganism. Pagans are fascinated with the mysteries and tidelike cycles in nature, and deal with the world in its feminine aspects of birth, life and death. Since cultivating a garden is an intrinsic portion of this cycle, these pot farmers are using their knowledge of nature and esoteric science to pull off some whopper weed. As I was fortunate enough to spend last summer at a “new age” (organic) ritualistic marijuana farm in the parched wilds of the southern Arizona desert, I will describe some of the earth-loving techniques that produced some of the most delicious…


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