A SoCal Band’s Stash on the Road


Traveling with your stash can be challenging. When your stash is your muse, as well as your remedy, networking from town to town becomes a given. Thankfully, cannabis is the world’s most beloved and commonly used beneficial plant on the planet, and even in illegal states, there are little stashes to be found everywhere.

Levitation Room has lived its young life on the road. Cannabis partakers since high school, the plant is part of who they are, infused into the lyrics of love song, Cosmic Flower, from its debut album, Ethos.

Cosmic Flower, tell me why
Your faded love keeps me satisfied
Floating around on a constant cloud
But I’m never coming down

The lyrics were penned by Julian Porte for the band that seems to be channeling an exquisitely orchestrated ’60s psychedelic rock sound.

What’s in Your Stash? Levitation Room: A SoCal Band’s Stash on the Road
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Photo Credit: John Zabawa

Vintage Sound

Porte and longtime friend, Gabriel Fernandez, grew up as punks in Los Angeles. They were eventually inspired by the sounds of the ’60s and…


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