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Suns out, bums out, it’s time to spark it up in honor of the heat. We’ve made it past Eclipse season and now we get to celebrate. Summertime sadness WHOMST? We’ve officially departed from the emotive world of watery Cancer season and now we’re in the luxurious and loud vortex of Leo season. Represented by the glyph of the lion, there’s nothing quiet about this season or the height of summer it rules over. It’s said that you will always know a Leo is a Leo. This is partially because this is a sign and season that doesn’t skimp on presentation; drama and theatrics are the name of the game. Leo’s love to be the center of attention, and they love to be adored. Who doesn’t! This is also why you’ll know a Leo is a Leo; they’ll always tell you.

In Cancer season, your heart was the star of the show. In Leo season, YOU are the star of the show. If Cancer season was for CBD and chilling, Leo season is for lighting it up and living it up! A fixed fire sign, Leo…


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