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As we slip deeper into the spiral of the season, as days are getting shorter and nights linger on, we begin to return to our internal world and the realm of the shadow. As we enter Scorpio season on October 23rd, we are led into the realm of intense depth, magick, and sensuality. Scorpio, a water sign represented by the glyph of the Scorpion, beckons us to feel all the darkness we’ve been ignoring and to alchemize our pain into art. The sign of sex, death, and rock and roll, Scorpio season is a time when we can explore the taboo without fear or shame. In this way, cannabis is the domain of the Scorpion. While at first the plant may be seen as something shocking, when you dig below the surface you’re able to see the immense healing and medicine that this plant can bring; much like the scorpion’s tough shell and sensitive interior. So too can we see Scorpio in the same light; yes, this is a season when we’re being pushed to our edge and exposed to what makes us…


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