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In the July, 1986 issue of High Times magazine, writer Spencer Rumsey investigated ibogaine as an emerging therapy for a variety of conditions. In an accompanying piece in the same issue, Dean Latimer took a closer look at what it’s like to trip on the drug.

Ibogaine is not a euphoric hallucinogen, which helps explain why Timothy Leary doesn’t like the drug. The first noticeable effects are a numbing sensation and a feeling of weariness. Typically, a subject lies down to rest. Without warning, the fireworks begin. “It’s like watching a motion picture,” Howard Lotsof, founder of the Dora Weiner Foundation, told Sandy McCroskey of Overthrow magazine. “I don’t mean a vision here or there. It’s more like going to the movies for three or four hours, only in this case the ‘movies’ is your subconscious. The first hallucination I went through was an Oedipal one. The first thing I saw was a pulsating yellow screwdriver, which disappeared abruptly. The next thing…


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