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Home of the love generation. Spawning ground of the hippies. The original psychedelic community Haight Ashbury was this and more. Few events have had a more profound impact in America than the spread of LSD. After poring over thousands of secret Government files (obtained through the Freedom of Information Act), authors Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain have compiled the definitive history of the psychedelic revolution. Their book is titled Acid Dreams: The CIA, LSD And The Sixties Rebellion, and is published by Grove Press. Published in the April, 1986 issue of High Times, the following excerpt traces the arrival of LSD in San Francisco and resulting cosmic confusion. Part Two in the four-part series appears in our Flashback Friday column next week.

Before the Deluge

The initial breeding ground for the large-scale use of psychedelics was the social and artistic fringe areas associated with the beat phenomenon. For some years prior to the emergence of LSD as a street drug,…


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