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Originally published in the June, 1986 edition of High Times, Part Three of our series (excerpted from the history of the psychedelic revolution, Acid Dreams: The CIA, LSD and The Sixties) has authors Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain describing how the Diggers created a moment of social utopia, how the media blitz wrecked a countercultural dream, and how the Beatles turned LSD into a byword for global youth culture. (Read Part One and Part Two.)

Stone Free

Something’s astir on Haight Street. Thousands of hippies are making the scene when a roving band of mysterious characters suddenly appears among the day-trippers, passing out handbills that bear enigmatic phrases: Street Menu and Carte de Venue (“Your ticket to somewhere”). It’s the beginning of a street theater spectacle put on by a gangster performing troupe who call themselves the Diggers. The theme on this occasion is “The Death of Money and the Birth of Free.” A bizarre funeral cortege is making its way up…


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