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Few events have had a more profound impact in America than the spread of LSD. Authors Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain have compiled the definitive history of the psychedelic revolution in Acid Dreams: The CIA, LSD and The Sixties Rebellion (published by Grove Press). Last week, Lee and Shlain traced the arrival of LSD in San Francisco in Acid Dreams, Part One. In this week’s installment, originally published in May, 1986, an unlikely collection of psychedelic gurus, beat poets and left-wing politicos organize an event that draws immediate international attention to Haight-Ashbury. Within weeks, however, the fragile coalition created by the Be-In begins unraveling.

The First Human Be-In

As the Love Pageant Rally drew to a close and the crowd began to drift away from the Panhandle, the organizers of the stoned festival exulted in their achievement. That same evening members of the Oracle group gathered at the home of Michael Bowen to consider their next step. Bowen was a…


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