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“I don’t remember us ever really thinking that we were going to America, touring the land, living the dream. That wasn’t really our mind-set,” says 26-year-old Iceage singer/guitarist Elias Bender Rønnenfelt. “We were fairly arrogant, so when suddenly we could go to Kansas City and there would be some kid that related to what we were doing, it was just like, ‘Yeah, of course, why shouldn’t he?’”

We’ll never know the relationship of Iceage’s brash assurance to their critical success (contributor? byproduct? both?), but 10 years in, the Dutch post-punk quartet still possess an indomitable confidence and equal sense of adventure. Their first three albums received nominations for IMPALAs (Independent Album of the Year Awards) in Europe, and judging by the reception for their latest, Beyondless, they’ll extend that streak.

Beyondless’s release in May 2018 ended a four-year recording hiatus—more time than it took to make the band’s first three…


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