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Tucked somewhere in a small town in the west of France lives an elusive artist that, while having already generated nearly 75 million plays across platforms, rarely performs live. The enigma, a 26-year-old beat-maker known as Mounika. rose from obscurity in 2017 when he released his first album, “How Are You” onto Spotify with virtually no promotion or fanfare, and his single, ‘Cut My Hair’, almost immediately became a cult favorite. 

He came onto my radar in early 2018, as ‘How Are You’ quickly became one of my favorite albums, but through some research I learned there was not much to digest about this guy. While I was able to find out he stemmed from France, I couldn’t find anything on upcoming tours, additional albums, etc. I wasn’t even sure I was pronouncing his name correctly, but I knew I was hooked. (It’s MOU-nu-Ka, for the record!)

Through some digging I was able to uncover a few things – his soundcloud roots, a few remixes, other music I loved…


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