An Interview with R. Crumb, An Artist And An Icon


August 30 is R. Crumb’s 76th birthday. To celebrate, we’ve dug up this rare, exclusive interview with the famous artist from the November, 1977 issue of High Times, which R. Crumb rendered for us in the form of—what else?—a comic strip.

Robert Crumb has changed America. He and his underground cartoonist colleagues transformed a minor medium into a major art form. He charted the hallucinations and revelations of a million acid trips. He gave us Mr. Natural, Angelfood McSpade, Flakey Foont, Mr. Snoid, Honeybunch Kaminski, Lenore Goldberg, Fritz the Cat, “Stoned Again” and “Keep On Truckin’” and a host of other characters more real to many people than they are to themselves. He wrote the Great American Novel in comic-book format a dozen times and made us realize that our lives were controlled by talking toilet bowls and black blues singers who died 30 years ago. He created a uniquely recognizable visual style in modern art and put it in the service of the…


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