An Interview With Two Lady Coke Dealers • High Times


Back in 1980, people rarely scored their coke from women. Rarer still was a magazine that interviewed the seldom-seen “women in white.” Lesley Morrison spoke with two of them for the December, 1980 issue of High Times.

Cocaine has always been pictured as a male-dominance drug. In classical Peruvian times, it was the top Inca honchos who smugly chewed their coca cuds while the virgin maidens of Riobamba and Titicaca were sacrificed in gaudy fertility ceremonies to ensure an abundant harvest for next season’s crop. When Europe discovered coke a hundred years ago, repressed Victorian docs like Siggy Freud snorted it to erase their weirdo repressions, to raise their minds up off leather bicycle seats and soiled silk hankies long enough to Perpetrate the Act on their long-suffering sweethearts. Even today, most people conceive the woman’s role in the coke trade to consist of nervously muling Bolivian-woven handbags full of snort past airport dope dogs, while the men…


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