An Octopus Cabal • High Times


In the November, 2003 issue of High Times, then-editor-in-chief Steven Hager admitted we may never know who ultimately pulls the strings on world events, but that the existence of a powerful multi-generational cabal is obvious to those who study the machinations of secret societies.

Major historical events, such as revolution, assassination, and war, are usually presented as random events created through chaos and chance. Should anyone suggest these seminal events are more likely the result of plots hatched in secret, they are quickly dismissed as conspiracy-theory crackpots. Yet anyone who studies the difficulties of absorbing and maintaining power soon understands it’s far more likely war and political assassination are the result of hidden conspiracies than random accidents involving isolated loners.

The true study of history is largely a study of secret societies. Not surprisingly, there is no mention of these societies in history books, at least not in any school…


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