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Andrew Santino is in a fantastic mood when we connect by phone. His mind is clear, which he attributes to the joint he smoked the night before. “Sometimes the next day I feel more calm in the morning. My days are so stressful, every waking hour on the calendar has something on it. When do I have an hour just to chill out?”

Between recording his solo podcast “Whiskey Ginger,” to recording a new joint podcast with Bobby Lee (“Bad Friends”), to prepping for the remainder of his nationwide stand-up tour—The Red Rocket Tour—and promoting a new tv show with Lil Dicky (“Dave”) dropping March 4th on FXX, hours to “chill out” seem like a rarity, and it’s easy to understand why Andrew is seen as one of the hardest working comics in the business.

How do you balance such an insane schedule?

Andrew Santino: I take long runs. I run almost everyday for at least five to eight miles. I just throw on my headphones and go. I Forrest Gump it. Every time, no…


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