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In October, 1979, Gary Selden offered a comprehensive primer on a range of aphrodisiacs, from weed, psychedelics, and cocaine to various herbs such as yohimbe, damiana, fleeceflower root, saw palmetto berries, and sarsaparilla.

Once upon a time, a farmer who had been paying less and less attention to his wife sought a doctor’s help for his waning sex drive. The doctor examined him, pronounced him basically fit but a bit run down, and gave him a box of pills, telling him to take one a day and report back in a week. The former, a cautious sort, tried a pill on one of his stud bulls. By the end of the first day, the bull had broken out of his stall, thoroughly exhausted every cow in sight and then knocked down the barn. The farmer got scared and threw the rest of the pills down the well. “Did you drink any of the water?” the sawbones asked worriedly on hearing the tale. “No,” admitted the chagrined sodbuster, “we couldn’t get the pump handle down.”

A medicine with the…


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