Are Energy Healing and Plant Medicine a Match Made in Heaven?


As CBD and cannabis continue to enchant the mainstream with glamour and healing galore, the popularity of energy healing isn’t so far behind. Now you can walk into your coffee shop and get your CBD latte as easily as you can hit up your local spa for a reiki healing. The witch is alive and well, as evidence of this column and the popularity of esoteric topics like astrology, tarot, and magick.

Yes, honey, we’re waking up. We are reclaiming ancient traditions and healing modalities. And as mystics and stoners alike, there’s an appreciation for the experience itself. You can’t truly judge cannabis or healing without having tried it. And now, in the Age of Aquarius, we’re being not only to try, but to see these two experiences as interconnected. Will you join me down the rabbit hole?

As I write this, we’re in the midst of Cancer Season, with Eclipse season and retrograde season in full swing as well. Just this Tuesday we experienced a Full Moon and Partial Lunar…


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