Are Laser Bongs and Levitating Dab Rigs the Future of Weed?


There’s a video on Reddit of a man delicately inserting a tiny ball of cannabis concentrate into a science fiction-y chamber that looks straight out of a supervillain’s lair. The metal claw holding the wax withdraws and the tiny ball remains, suspended in midair. It’s hard to see in the low-quality footage, but the dab floats as if in zero gravity. 

That’s right, it’s 0G kush

Then the screen lights up purple as a laser focuses on the weed ball, transforming it from a tacky solid into a gas that can be inhaled. The response on r/StonerEngineering ranged from obligatory “Star Trek and “Rick and Morty comparisons to constructive design feedback to pure stonerrific pleasure.

“This guy taking dabs to a level man isn’t ready for,” one Redditor commented. It’s incredibly trippy, and the person who made it believes it’s the future of the weed industry.

Justin Zelaya, founder and CEO of weed technology company Silicon Cali, made the video to show…


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