Banksy Art Becomes Permanent Collection at Canadian Dispensary


The enigma known only as Banksy officially re-entered the world of cannabis with a new permanent installation in a Toronto, Ontario-based dispensary. The unofficial king of guerrilla art—in the form of graffiti—left a breadcrumb trail of mystery throughout Europe and across the world through stark political messages and epigrams. But now, the vandal’s art can be appreciated by cannabis consumers who often share his political beliefs.

According to a recent press release, Tokyo Smoke brand announced its new cannabis retail store in Toronto, Ontario—as well as it’s permanent installation of an exclusive Banksy collection of art. The collection will feature “never-before-seen” works from the artist, as well as other notable pieces from other artists.

Store owner Rob Heydon provided selections from his personal art collection to add to the dispensary’s exhibition, including pieces by Kaws, Pure Evil, and Warhol. The company’s new location will organize cannabis…


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