Best Strains For Relaxing


It’s hard to quiet the brain. It’s hard to relax the body. For many people, cannabis is the tool they use to make both processes a little bit easier. Weed provides an escape from the bad days, and that’s why so many of us seek it out to release the built up anxiety and tension in our bodies. However, with so many products on the shelves, it can be tough for the average consumer to know which cannabis strains may provide relaxing effects. But don’t even trip, because we’re here to help.

What does relaxed mean?

Relaxed and sleepy aren’t the same feelings. And if you’re an inexperienced cannabis consumer, it’s important to know that, or else you may walk into a dispensary looking for something that helps you chill and reflect, but walk out with something that immediately ends your night. This is why it’s so critical to add nuance to the “indicas are the downer weed” conversation. The spectrum of cannabis strains is way too wide to limit yourself to just a third of…


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