Bunny Wailer, Return of the Collie Man • High Times


With Bob Marley and Peter Tosh long gone, only Bunny Wailer (b. April 10, 1947) is left to sing the praises of his favorite herb. In an interview with Roger Steffens from the January, 1994 issue of High Times, Wailer passes the great spliff to the new dancehall generation.

My friend Leroy and I have a problem. We’ve just arrived in Jamaica to begin work on Bunny Waiter’s autobiography. With three weeks of interview sessions ahead of us, we want to make certain that we have adequate supplies of herbal refreshment to carry us through. As Bunny ferries us to “Dreamland,” his estate in the emerald hills of eastern Jamaica, I broach the subject.

“Do you know anywhere Leroy and I can buy some herb for our stay here?”

The Last Judgment stare on Bunny’s dark visage explodes, and his eyes grow huge and incredulous. “Buy herb?!? When you are the guest of Bunny Wailer,” he growls molasses slow, “I AM herb!!”

Moments after Bunny’s aging gold Toyota…


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