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“What I wanted to make sure of with ‘People Want More’ was that me, as a ganja lover — and I would say as a cannabis activist and revolutionary — I really love to sing ganja songs, but I have a lot already,” says Cali P.  “For me, the main point in this song was to bring the message that, with the legalization that is happening in America, some places in South America, Europe freeing up, what about places like Indonesia, Malaysia and Dubai? Places people get hung for a spliff, you know? I wanted to put those words out in the world.”

“People Want More” is a smooth reggae/dancehall jam which focuses on the power and perseverance of ganja. Visually brought to life by director Tim Foresta, with creative direction from Jonathan Gehlen, the song’s video is crisp, clean and fun to watch. At various points in the video, Cali P can be found in a sea of clouds, chopping broccoli or dancing, all set against a very bright green and white color scheme.

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