Can Political Candidates be Open About Their Cannabis Use?


A congressional candidate in Illinois is making waves after smoking marijuana in a campaign ad where he discussed his personal experience with cannabis and the need for federal reform.

Anthony Clark, who is aiming to unseat Rep. Danny Davis (D-IL) in next year’s Democratic primary, filmed a roundtable discussion he hosted that revolved around marijuana issues for the ad. The Air Force veteran said he first started using cannabis in high school but rediscovered it as an adult after being injured in a Seattle shooting.

A medical cannabis patient, Clark said the plant helps him cope with anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Marijuana “has always been there for me throughout my life, enabling me to interact with society and deal with the pressures that society often brings upon you,” he said.

He also stressed in the campaign video that he’s transparent about his marijuana use because “if we really want to make change and we have a platform, you just have to…


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