CBD and self-care during coronavirus


The self-care industry has experienced a wildly explosive boom the past few years, and the cannabis market has been paying attention. You can walk into any dispensary and find as many skincare products as stoney edibles. 

But self-care isn’t just for the body, it can contribute to overall well-being. Simply caring for yourself and setting up a routine can boost self-esteem. No need to make it elaborate — washing your hair with your favorite shampoo or preparing your favorite meal can help build you up.

In these long days of quarantine and coronavirus, self-care may have taken a backseat in your day-to-day life. Time begins to blend together, and the overwhelming news cycle can start to feel like a constant buzz — so much of this can make everything feel a little hopeless and grey. But these are the times when self-care is most important. 

To understand the need for self-care and CBD, we spoke to Tamara Anderson, founder of Culinary and Cannabis, an ongoing…


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