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Just because we’re locked inside doesn’t mean we’re forgetting about the holiday. As an official centerfold tester, I wanted to share a few of my 4/20 must-haves in order to make the most of the High Holiday. Some of these are staples, some are dream items, but all of them are guaranteed to help you take your favorite day to the next level, and look damn good while doing it.


Celebrating 4/20 In Style
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Let me start by saying I have the ‘Mint Set’ as the centerpiece of my table at home and in a house of things I think are truly fkn dope, this gets by FAR the most comments from visitors. Although you probably won’t be entertaining too soon, these elegant and eye-catching pieces don’t feel like paraphernalia – they’re ceramic art. It took me several months after receiving these guys before I actually used them… they’re so beautiful that you just want to stare at them, and you don’t want to get them dirty. Well friends, I’m pleased to tell you that…


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