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All it takes is a few good puffs, and you’re whisked away to paradise. There is always a warm breeze that flows through your body when you take your first puff. Life becomes beautiful again. The sun’s white, crisp rays warm your skin, while Mother Nature hums the most beautiful song. Instantly, all of your stress melts away. You’re overjoyed with how clear your mind is. 

For Christina Dipaci finding “Paradise in a Puff” is what we all need to shift our lives and let our stressors go. Dipaci is the CEO and co-founder of Caliber Farms. Under the farm’s umbrella is Paradiso Gardens and Dovetail. Paradiso Gardens invites customers to take a vacation from everyday life by indulging your senses with their premium cannabis flower. 

When Dipaci was 12-years-old, she transferred from Catholic to public school. She and her new girl-gang—Anna, Jane, and Maya—were looking for paradise amidst all of the middle school chaos. They all saved $5 from lunch and bought their…


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