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Adam Ray does it all. When we connect by phone, he’s in between cities, eager to discuss all that’s been happening in his insane life. He has a new album out – Read the Room, he’s the voice of ‘Swift Wind’ on the new season of “She-Ra” on Netflix, and he’s voicing one of the leads on the upcoming animated Hulu series, “Crossing Swords,” all while co-hosting the popular podcast About Last Night and somehow touring both coasts of the United States.

You recently threw out the first pitch at a Seattle Mariners baseball game. How did that come to be?

I’ve been a lifelong Mariners fan and I used to take the bus with my middle school friends down to the stadium. We’d make these really silly signs and always get on the jumbotron. Cut to 15 years later, I was doing a show and the Mariners’ announcer was there. I get off and I was wearing my “M’s” hat and he gives me a thumbs up. We start chatting and go over to this bar next door and start playing…


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