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The late afternoon sun has dipped down behind the clouds when Becky Robinson and I connect by phone. After months of being on the road touring, she’s back in Los Angeles where she’s prepping for the launch of her one-woman show. With the show postponed due to current health concerns, Becky provides some insight as to the show’s DNA, her comedic sensibilities and how she got into stand-up in the first place.

Growing up in Oregon, what initially attracted you to comedy and how did you end up pursuing it as a career?

Becky Robinson: I think I was dropped on my head very early on. [Comedy] always seemed like a viable career path to me. Genuinely. Ever since I was a little kid. It’s funny, I just talked to my parents the other day about this. They found a video of me when I was six: I’m so ugly and so buff from gymnastics, and I’m bouncing a tennis ball. I go, “So here’s my life’s plan. First, I’m gonna be a level 10 gymnast. Then I’m gonna be a comedian….


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