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When Chris Distefano and I connect by phone, he’s in good spirits, though he’s worried he won’t have enough time to play outside with his daughter. It’s the beginning of the quarantine and the uncertainty surrounding lockdowns and people’s mobility is at its zenith. Fortunately, Chris is able to enjoy a few minutes of solitude as we explore his unique path to comedy, his fast-rising career and his strategy for staying at the top of his game.

Growing up in Brooklyn, what first attracted you to comedy?

Chris Distefano: My father’s side of the family is very funny. Old school Brooklyn-Bronx Italians. As soon as you walk in the door to a family gathering, they’d start making fun of your sneakers, start making fun of your haircut, start making fun of anything about you. If you didn’t have quick come-backs, you were gonna die and get abused.

I would spend two weeks at a time between my dad’s place and my mother’s house in Queens. [At her house], everything…


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