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Kelsey Cook is ready for summer. When we connect by phone, the Wrists of Fury host and star is about to embark on nationwide stand-up tour and she’s looking forward to hitting the road.

In your bio, it says you’re the daughter of an international yoyo champion and professional foosball player. Is that true?

It is. I get a lot of people who come up to me after shows because I talk about it on stage, and it’s always funny to me because the only thing weirder than that being true is if I made all that shit up. It would be such a random lie to base my life on.

My parents met playing in a professional foosball tournament. I literally wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for foosball, which is so sad. My dad was also an international yoyo man on the side for a certain amount of time, but he’s mainly a professional trumpet player. My family is basically a bunch of clowns.

Did their unique performance endeavors help inspire you to pursue comedy?

I think ultimately they…


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