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Editors Note: High Times is thrilled to present our newest bi-weekly column The High Priestess. Written by author and practitioner of magick, Gabriela Herstik, this column will explore the relationship and intersections of cannabis, witchcraft, sex, wellness, and everything in between. At High Times, we strive to keep our minds and our hearts open while centering and uplifting those whose views and practices have traditionally been denied a platform and excluded from the discussion. After all, what is the cannabis space if not inclusive? 

Time flies when Mercury is Retrograde and you’re having fun! Who can believe it’s already April? We’re officially in Spring and it’s Aries season, the fiery season of the ram that represents the divine spark of creation. This is a time when our energy and fullest power is returning to us after the darker seasons of Fall and winter. We get a chance to step back into our brightest expression of self, bask in the sun as we enjoy our…


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