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Shaun Latham loves food. When we connect by phone, his girlfriend has just placed a delivery order of bolognese for dinner. “I smoked a joint and had a few glasses of wine, so [this call] is perfect timing.” Timing appears to be one of the reasons Shaun’s relationship is so successful. When he’s not recording The Shaun Latham Show for Sirius Radio (weekly 10am-11am ET) or shooting episodes of “20 Dollar Chef” for Barstool Sports (new episodes every Wednesday), he’s in the kitchen cheffing up meals with his girlfriend. They cook together all the time, and her support is one of the key ingredients to his success.

It sounds like [your girlfriend] wants you to be your best self on and off the stage.

Shaun Latham: She’s way more of a homebody and she’s also not in a performance-related field. She loves that I’m a comedian and always gives really good advice and has great perspective, but you couldn’t pay her a million bucks to go on stage and do a five-minute comedy…


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