Creating a Self-Love Ritual for Valentine’s Day and Beyond


Welcome back weed witches and stoner babes and bros! We’re officially halfway through Winter, and Spring is almost around the corner. The wheel of the year continues to turn and warm days smoking j’s feel closer than ever. We’re in the thick of heady and freaky Aquarius season, and we have plenty to celebrate. Not only do we have a roaring and intense Leo Full Moon on February 9th that’s asking us to shine as bright as we can, but we have Valentine’s Day on the 14th not long after. And while this holiday can definitely be filled with capitalist BS, let us not forget it invites us into one of the best combinations of things out there: sex, weed, and magick. 

While Valentine’s Day is often marketed as a day in which we confess our love to others, and buy them hundreds of dollars’ worth of things while we do so, I like to see this holiday as a chance to celebrate self-love, and the sensuality that comes with honoring your own body. Thankfully, we can work with cannabis,…


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