Creating Creative Rituals With Cannabis To Survive Quarantine • High Times


I’m back witches and stoners! I missed you and I hope you missed the High Priestess too! Hopefully you’ve been staying safe, healthy, isolated, and centered amidst the chaos and unknowns in the world. While it can be a struggle to stay positive and creative during this time, we can lean into the powers of cannabis and plant magick to keep the love flowing. Now more than ever do we need compassion, magick, and art to keep ourselves sane and inspired. Now more than ever do we need ritual and connection to keep ourselves whole. Now more than ever can we work with cannabis and art to find an eye among the storm.

For this installment of the High Priestess, we are talking creative cannabis rituals to keep you centered during quarantine. We are in Aries season, the fire-sign ruled ram who marks the beginning of the astrological year. This is a blazing path we can take to align ourselves with our vision and what sets us aflame. An easy way to do that is by working with cannabis…


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