Creating Safe, Sane, and Consensual Boundaries with Cannabis


It’s December, so light one up as we take the time to realign and reflect. As we gallop through the fierce, fiery, and adventurous domain of Sagittarius Season, we’re led deeper into our desires, into what’s worthwhile for us to own and achieve. Represented by the glyph of the archer, Sagittarius is one with the bow and arrow it carries; aiming at its vision with intent and focus. Sagittarius calls us to grow and evolve, and sometimes this means taking stock of different aspects of our life, like our emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. And while it may not be the most fun thing to think about, sometimes this can help us gain clarity about our relationship with things like cannabis, and how this is helping or hindering our magick. 

It’s no shocker that I love cannabis. Although I use it to help with anxiety, I mostly use it recreationally, as a way to relax and bond with loved ones and friends, as well as a part of my spiritual and ritual practice. But lately…


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