Danny Murr-Sloat, Co-Founder of AlpinStash


In 2003, when Colorado craft cannabis farmer Danny Sloat was 21 years old, he woke up with terrible stomach pains that landed him in the hospital for four days and no diagnosis.

“They gave me Vicodin,” he shared. “That was in September, and by June of the next year I was needing time-released patches at 150 micrograms an hour, 24 hours a day, or 3.4 milligrams total in a day; with 600 micrograms a day of Fentanyl candy lollipops needed for break-through pain.”

Sloat said at the height of his Fentanyl use he was up to 5.6 milligrams a day – more than twice the lethal dose.

“I went through a slew of other medications and ended up on OxyContin and Oxycodone, because the muscle pain gets worse on Fentanyl” he continued. “I was sleeping 16 hours a day on my right side—like I was in a coma. I believe this caused a nerve impingement condition called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.“

According to the Mayo Clinic, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) is a group of…


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