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Emily Paxhia’s dad was a hippie. You can see him in the audience in the Woodstock documentary, as Jimi Hendrix plays the “Star Spangled Banner.” 

Emily’s mom and dad preferred cannabis over alcohol, but for the sake of the children, they kept it to themselves.

“My dad grew his own because he liked to know where it came from,” she shared. “I never witnessed him smoking, though – he was worried about the repercussions and gave it up for the kids. I was a D.A.R.E. kid, so that made sense, as I was taught to believe it was harmful and ultimately a gateway drug.”

When both her mother and father presented with cancer, she and family witnessed firsthand the toll taken after being prescribed opioids and myriad pharmaceuticals. When a hospice nurse brought up the subject of cannabis, everything changed.

According to Hospice Nurse, Marcie Cooper of Denver, Colorado, fifty percent of all in care are already using cannabis, with successful outcomes.



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