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From the December, 1979 issue of High Times comes Harry Wasserman’s story about the legendary actor Errol Flynn (1909-1959). On the occasion of Flynn’s birthday June 20, we’re republishing it below.

On screen he was Captain Blood, Robin Hood, the Sea Hawk and Don Juan. His name changed through 45 Hollywood films, but Errol Flynn always portrayed the amorous adventurer: pirate, smuggler, revolutionary, expert swordsman, reckless lover. Offscreen Flynn assumed roles that were no less flamboyant. He was a swashbuckler in the wilds of New Guinea, a slave trader, a sailor across the seven seas, a war correspondent. He smoked his first opium in Macao, took his first sweet puff of marijuana in Mexico, and was known for applying cocaine to the tip of his cock to keep it numb and erect so he could pump away at a never-ending line of sultry Hollywood starlets. This insatiable hedonism earned Flynn two charges of statutory rape, a morphine habit and an international reputation…


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