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Sometimes it feels that technology is moving too fast, especially when it comes to the evolution of vaporizers. Though close to a decade ago, it seems like just yesterday that tank vapes were beginning to hit the market, revolutionizing the industry from large desktop vaporizers like the Volcano to sleek, portable units like those produced by G Pen. The endless bells and whistles of technological add-ons like bluetooth app synchronization and touch sensors had yet to complicate the already complicated medium of using electric heat to vaporize flower and concentrates. 

Today, the market is awash with tech-savvy vapes that are unnecessarily difficult to understand — let alone operate. In many cases, the pursuit of incorporating technology into the vaping process seems to have eclipsed the importance of the vaping process itself, which should be simple, pleasant and accessible.  

For an excellent flower vaporizer that is more concerned with being a great vape than…


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