Everything you need to know about the Firefly 2+


Despite the technological leaps made by the vaporizer industry in recent years, there are still relatively few devices that can vape both flower and concentrate, and even fewer that can do both jobs well. 

The Firefly 2+, a new and improved version of the popular Firefly 2 vaporizer, is a particularly unique portable convection vaporizer that functions as a kind of electric pipe. 

With upgrades from the previous model that include a significant price drop and the broadest temperature range of any vaporizer, the Firefly 2+ is an affordable and versatile option for tech savvy Millennials and Gen Zers looking for an alternative to smoking.  

Whether you’re in the market for a new vape, or just curious as to what all the buzz is about, here’s our take on the new Firefly 2+. 

What is the Firefly 2+? 

The Firefly 2+ is a touch sensor activated portable convection vaporizer that stands out for its on-demand heating feature, versatility in accepting both flower…


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