Everything You Need to Know About the Pax Era Pro


What was once a small San Franciscan start-up has now turned the vaporizer world on its head. Probably the most recognizable name in the game, PAX Labs Inc stormed the scene when they introduced their portable loose-leaf vaporizers to the market.

Since then, PAX Labs has been climbing the vaporizer ladder starting with the PAX 1 to the PAX 2 and the current state-of-the-art PAX 3. But the loose-leaf lines aren’t the only products bolstered by tech and a smooth hit.

PAX is also known for its cheaper concentrate counterpart, the Pax Era. But very recently, they released a sleeker, more discrete edition to the old fan favorite: the Pax Era Pro. Named the first cannabis-only vaporizer certified by top safety organization Underwriter Laboratories, the Era Pro combines elegant design with an innovative delivery system.

Here’s our take on the new PAX Era Era.

What is the Pax Era Pro? 

The Pax…


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