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Shopping for a bong online can be like sifting through a mass of fake diamonds in search of a real one. There are big expensive bongs and small ones that cost twice as much. There are bongs that can’t break, and bongs so intricate they look like they’ll break just by looking at them. Somehow, all of them seem to have 5-star reviews, though what shows up at your door a few days later might not deserve any stars at all.

While not all bongs are created equal, some are so exceedingly superior that they deserve not only a second look, but their own damn article. Tsunami Glass makes those kinds of bongs. 

Luxurious yet affordable, Tsunami Glass turns the classic super stoner aesthetic on its head with a scientific twist, using the power of physics to create some of the heaviest hitting pieces out there. 

Whether you’re in the market for a new bong, or was just curious as to what all the buzz is about, here’s our guide to Tsunami Glass. 

What is Tsunami…


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