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California vape brand KandyPens is known for creating well-made, affordable alternatives to some of the hottest vaporizers on the market. With an attention to detail informing their designs, KandyPens maintain their reputation as a leading vape brand by consistently producing devices that are simple, sleek, and tech-forward. Their recently released oil and e-liquid vape, the Rubi vaporizer, is no exception. 

Standing at a mere 4 inches tall, and coming in at just under $50, this chic little vape offers an alternative to the expensive pod systems utilized by similar brands. Whereas Pax offers expensive pods that come prefilled with oil from big canna-brands, KandyPens’ Rubi vaporizer is an open system, meaning the pods come empty, ready to be filled with whatever oil or liquid you want. 

In the e-cig world, the practice of breaking open pods to refill with your own oil is called “Juul Hacking,” and is common among the techie vapers that frequent…


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