Everything You Should Know About the MagicalButter Machine


For most of us, when it comes to kicking back, relaxing and enjoying some good weed, it doesn’t really matter how you do it. A perfectly rolled joint, a clean bong rip, a light and tasty vape cloud —most of us are content as long as the result is being pleasantly stoned. 

Eating a delicious and potent edible, however, is a particularly wonderful thing many of us wish we could do more often, were it not for the complicated, time consuming, and awfully messy process of making cannabutter the traditional way. 

While crafting your own cannabutter isn’t terribly difficult, it’s a tricky and rather involved process which takes several hours to complete. The benefits of making cannabutter are clear and plentiful, yet enduring the process of actually making it is a major obstacle for even the most dedicated stoners.

But the days of standing over a double-boiler and straining your cannabutter through a cheesecloth are over — as are the days of destroying your…


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