Everything You Should Know About Weed Paranoia


Paranoia has always been the Achilles heel of nature’s most wondrous plant. As with all things in life, a dark side exists in the ying-yang of cannabis use. While a medicinal cure-all to many, some weed exists as a portal to one’s personal hell, complete with spells of anxiety, doubts of self-worth and the psychological implications that follow.  

The web woven from the many intersections of marijuana and paranoia is built on a strange bed of scientific facts and first-hand accounts, peppered by the lies lingering from Reefer Madness-era propaganda and its accompanying pseudoscience. 

There are scientific theories as to why weed causes paranoia, and then there are a plethora of cultural stigmas surrounding the plant itself. The public perception exists somewhere between the two. 

In an attempt to dissipate the metaphorical smoke surrounding this topic’s many mirrors, here is a brief explainer of weed paranoia, addressing each of the scientific and cultural facets…


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